About MetalFlam

“METALFLAM Contracting Ltd” is a newly established company in the UK that undertakes contracts for the supply and installation of fire resistant and/or thermally insulated glazed constructions with steel profiles for buildings and passenger ships.  The constructions are fabricated by the company “Marine Construction and Energy Systems Ltd” established since 1992 and with a reference of more than 600 projects,  and imported exclusively by METALFLAM.

Architects and engineers prefer the use of glass in passive fire protection due to the natural diffusion of light and the visual control in case of fire. The typical types of constructions that METALFLAM is undertaking are internal wall partitions and doors, staircase and escape route enclosures, shop window displays, atriums, external windows etc. The systems have been subjected to fire tests at accredited European laboratories and have been classified into various fire ratings according to the European standards.