Advantages of steel

There has been a remarkable increase in the use of steel in building design. The merits of using modern steel systems in architectural glazing are increasingly recognised.

The most common form of building protection is the preservation of life and property from the effects of fire and smoke inhalation. In today’s uncertain world we can also add, at least for certain high-value projects, protection from burglar attack and vandalism.

Aluminum system technology cannot meet all of these requirements, a recognition that led to the development of steel-based glazing systems for specialist applications.

Steel is ideally suited to meet special demands as fire resistance, smoke resistance, burglar resistance, vandalism protection and thermal insulation.Furthermore steel profiles offer high structural properties with slim profiles allowing large areas of glazing.

  • Endurance even at rough conditions of use.
  • Profiles with higher static values enabling the use of slim profiles and large spans.
  • Material suitable for quality welding and drilling for accessories.
  • Corrosion protection achieved through high quality galvanizing.
  • Smoke protection.
  • Fire resistance offering integrity, stability and insulation protecting from temperatures that may exceed 1000 °C .
  • Bullet resistance.
  • Burglar resistance.