Product information of steel profile series MF60 EI-rated

Fully glazed door and partition systems fabricated by rebated and insulated galvanized steel profiles of the series MF60 EI-rated.  The systems have been tested and classified to the fire ratings EI30 and EI60 (integrity, stability and insulation) and to the burglar resistance rating RC3 according to EN standards.  The profiles have a cross section of 60x50mm with an astragal of 20mm and specially formed grooves for fixing rubber gaskets between the door frames and leaves.  The fabrication of the frames is made by welding, smoothing and powder coating at any standard RAL or NCS color.  Special colors are also available upon request.  The frames are fixed with rivets or anchors on masonry, plaster board walls or concrete with a dummy frame at the fixing points.  Fixing on insulated steel supporting members is also possible.  Expansion gaps between the frames and the surrounding structures are filled with fire rated mastic.  Clip-on beads and rubber gaskets or sealing strips are used for fixing the glass panes with a maximum thickness of 41mm.  The door equipment includes adjustable screw-on or weld-on hinges available in silver finish or painted or stainless steel, and mechanical or electric locksets, handles, push bars and door closers depending in each project’s requirements.